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The Philippines property market is positioned to generate the strongest property price increases over the next 10 year thanks to ongoing economic and administrative reforms by the Arroyo government. The ASEAN countries have yet to exhibit the price gains of Western markets, which is just another sign that this super cycle is far from over. The current credit crunch will provide a great opportunity to profit from property foreclosures.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Buying foreclosed property in the Philippines

I wanted to refer people to the opportunity to buy foreclosed property in the Philippines. My girlfriend and I recently bought 2 lots for a total of 2600m2 in Lipa City, Batangas for P700/m2 (thats $US 15/m2). We bought these properties through a local bank.

If you are interested, I am offering a report on 'Buying Foreclosed Property in the Philippines". I have gathered a lot of information prior to this purchase, and I have travelled around the Philippines, and done alot of research for an energy report in the past, so I know something about this economy and the opportunities. See my foreclosed blog for further details - http://foreclosured.blogspot.com.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

Buying an apartment in Metro Manila

My girlfriend and I just bought a new apartment in Metro Manila - really nice place for the price. We bought a 2br apartment on the Marikina River, Pasig City, in a DMCI development called Riverfront Estate. Its well located 5mins from Teandesitas Shopping Mall, 10 mins from the Ortigas & Pioneer Commercial Precincts, 10mins from Market Market & the C5 Expressway that takes you south to Batangas, Bicol and the airport, 15mins from Eastwood and The Fort, as well as other smaller shopping & entertainment precincts. Our place is 66m2 - 49m inside, plus more for the balcony. It cost P2.3mil (USD50,000). We take possession in 4 weeks since we have paid our 20% deposit. The estate has a clubhouse with wifi, swimming pool, and a park along the river. Surprisingly I didn't see any sign of pollution in the river, but I suspect they are cleaning the river during the construction period.
We looked at other apartments which were as much as P70,000 per m2, this one is just P22,000/m2 if you include the balcony.
There is a 100m2 apartment with 3bedrooms, maid's room and 2 bathrooms for sale as well. What I like most about this place was the quality of the design and finishing. It was far better than other places in this price category, and it is low-rise, and it has wifi in the courtyard. Cyprus Towers apartments & amenities near The Fort was affordable as well, but the building has a very cheap looking exterior, and the view out one side was of slum areas. Riverfront Estates was cheaper, better designed, and better located. You couldn't even place a refrigerator in the kitchen at Lee Gardens in Mandaluyong.
If you are interested in purchasing one of these apartments, we would happily help you. You can contact us propertypo@gmail.com.
You might ask why am I recommending apartments since most of us know that apartments offer a less attractive return on investment than land. There are several reasons:
1. Estates and condos give you a security and sound buffer from you and the poor peasants outside, and they are an oasis from the traffic
2. Estates provide a better forum for business networking
3. Estates have facilities that we would not otherwise have access to - if you use them

I don't recommend over-investing in Manila property. I would only suggest a basic place since there is far better properties in rural areas. I forecast that Manila will be a gentrifying slum in years to come and the cockroaches will take over. I prefer places like Subic, Calamba and Lipa City. The only reason to buy in Manila is for a city base, or holiday visits. If you are not buying in Metro Manila then I would be more inclined to recommend foreclosed property. See my blog http://foreclosured.blogspot.com for info on those opportunities. Further details on the 'Buying Philippines Property' Report.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

Friday, February 1, 2008

Philippines property one of better opportunities

I made a post somewhere about the Philippines stock market being one of the better opportunities for stocks, and so it is for property. The fundamentals could not look much better:
1. Strong currency - from repatriation of Filipino workers whom are avoiding weak USD
2. Strong food & mineral export prices
3. Subdued oil prices - because of the strong peso
4. Call centre market should continue to expand

In the long run though inflation will crimp the expansionary potential of low interest rates, so the low interest rates have bottomed. For further information on the Philippines property market you can download a free chapter of 'Buying Philippines Property', with its considerable discussion of the foreclosed property market. This eBook comprises 2-volumes and 330+ pages. Ask about the complimentary list of over 3100 foreclosed properties.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

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The NZ property market is shaping up as one of the most attractive property investment markets for the next few years. High yielding property and the collapse of the NZD make NZ the perfect counter-cyclical investment if you buy right! In addition, there is no capital gains tax, transfer taxes, VAT/GST or wealth taxes in NZ, so rest assured that NZ property is tax-effective! Learn more now!

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